'Together For Women Cricket' – Supporting Women cricket in Nepal

'Together For Women Cricket' – Supporting Women cricket in Nepal

With growing popularity of cricket in Nepal, a number of franchise cricket leagues are being organized. Big international names have been a part of those cricket leagues and have promoted professionalism in Nepali cricket.

On the one hand, Nepali cricket has stepped up and is rising in terms of financial standard, on the other hand women’s cricket hasn’t got the recognition it deserved.Men’s Cricket is growing in Nepal. A number of domestic tournaments is recognizing the local talent and bringing more scope for young boys but what about young girls ? We dont have any platform for women cricketers, not even a single tournament of standard level. Present conditions of women cricket yields to kill the dream of many girls who dream to play cricket and want to play for the nation.

Some young girls still want to play the cricket but due to lack of cricketing materials, finanicial they have to collapse their dreams. A small social media group Cricket Corner along with Nirvana Cricket Academy and Bardiwas Nobel Cricket Academy has started an initiation “Together for Women Cricket”. The group have t-shirts printed for the cause and the collected fund will be used buying cricketing kits and donating it to the young girls to give their dream a pair of wings.

The initation hopes to unite cricket fans to promote and assist women cricket in Nepal so that women crickets in Nepal also get enough exposure and opportunity. Letzcricket Team wishes the team of Cricket Corner, Nirvana Ciicket Academy and Bardiwas Nobel Cricket Academy all the best for the success of this initiation.