Easy Emirates ? Nepal Tour of United Arab Emirates

Easy Emirates ? Nepal Tour of United Arab Emirates

The late of very first 35 days of 2019 is a very big part of Nepali Cricket and their fans -- Emirates hosting Gorkhas for the big responsible fight for Nepali Cricket.

Nepal, after having their very first ODI status, are touring Arab Emirates for the very first time where they will be offered a chance of 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is to show off their natural play.

The Arab Emirates have announced their final 16 men’s squad for both the series whereas still Nepal has their last 20 members from where the final squad of 16(probably) men’s yet to be publicised.

The 16 men’s final squad publicised by the Emirates includes Mohammad Naveed as the team captain, Mohammad Usman as the vice captain and Ashfaq Ahamed, Chirag Suri, Shaiman Anwar, Mohammad Boota, Ghulam Shabber, Imran Haider, Tahir Mughal, Amir Hayat, Zahoor Khan, Qadeer Ahmed, Fahad Nawaz, Abdul Shakoor, Sultan Ahmed and CP Rizwan.

Fast bowler Mohammad Naveed (for the first time), will be taking over from the absent Rohan Mustafa who is serving an eight week ban by the national cricket board for indiscipline. Three national cricket team players including the captain Rohan Mustafa along with Ahmed Raza and Rameez Shahzad were announced to be fined and suspended by the Emirates Cricket Board for their indiscipline’s regarding their response towards the facilities at the Emerging Teams Asia Cup earlier of the last month of the 2018. The announcement took place on December 19.

{“Being made captain of the country is a very proud moment for me,” said Naveed, who will be well aware of the merits of the opposition, having played at the Everest T20 in Kathmandu last month. “The first goal is a win against Nepal”. } – From “thenational.ae”

The schedules of Nepal national cricket team captain Paras Khadka in Australia might be the reason for the late in the selection of the final 16 men’s squad who have just arrived in Nepal last day. After his arrival with mainly national player Dipendra Singh Airee, I can hope for the final 16 men’s squad for one of the tough fight against the Emirates to come very soon.

Paras Khadka, Nepal national cricket team captain was in Australia for about a week with current national cricket team player Dipendra Singh Airee and Subash Pradhan for the Expert Cricket Festival.

The last 20 members group was announced already but due to the reasons of domestic cricket leagues and not having the national cricket team captain, probably, might be the reasons for the non-practice days for the players from the last 20 members, available in Nepal [Must be neglected who are off-Nepal], yet.

20 men’s preliminary squad of Nepal looks like: Paras Khadka (captain), Gyanendra Malla (Vice captain), Avinash Bohara, Basanta Regmi, Bhim Sarki, Bikram Sob, Binod Bhandari, Dipendra Singh Airee, Karan KC, Lalit Singh Bhandari, Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi, Aarif Sheikh, Pawan Sarraf, Pradeep Airee, Rohit Kumar Paudel, Sandeep Lamichhane, Sarad Veswakar, Sompal Kami, Sandeep Jora, Sushan Bhari. This time as the fresh minds in the 20 men’s preliminary squad includes Avinash Bohara, Bhim Sarki, Bikram Sob, Pawan Sarraf and Sandeep Jora.

Nepal will travel to the Arab Emirates on January 22nd from where the journey starts in the Emirates. The next day after reaching the Emirates will be the Practice day for the Nepali Team followed by January 24th also as the practice day. January 25th will be the starting of the One Day International series where the match is scheduled to be started at 9.30 Local Time, followed by the 26th January as the day for the second One Day International match. The day following the 26th January will be the day for the rest for both the national teams and the next day following the rest day will be the final match day of the One Day International series. All the One Day Internationals will start at 9.30 Local Time.

Both the national teams will be resting for the 29th January and will again start the practice in the 30th of the January for the T20 International series scheduled from the next day which is also the last day of the January 2019. The very first day of the February 2019 will be the day of the 2nd T20 International followed by the rest day which is again followed by the final as well as the 3rd T20 International match day in Dubai. All the T20 Internationals will start at 13.00 Local Time.

All the matches will be played in the ICC – International Cricket Council Academy, Dubai.

Easy Emirates?
Can be supported by: There are two kinds of peoples in this world -- One who thinks in their own way and the Others who don’t think in the way that the One thinks.

One can think as “Nepal has not yet selected their last squad for the Emirates tour, Not practicing more, Players giving more time on other things rather than their practice for the tour, The Arab Emirates will be lacking the main 3 keys. So, looks like the Emirates are easy for Nepal.”

Other’s can think as “The Emirates always had been a very tough competitor for Nepal in many matches with their consistent team balance. They already started their practice for Nepal with their final squad. Looking at their head coach Dougie Brown, who changed the Emirate’s way towards the new focus from the way to “Drama!” in the Cricket World Cup Qualifiers 2018, lastly held in Zimbabwe. The benefit of home! The way they look! The confident the new captain Mohammad Naveed has! And many more...So, they are not the Easy Emirates, they are Tough Emirates.”

So, I can conclude saying I am not the “One”

Madhav Dada

Just an unknown writer ...